About Us


Rubus Pharma Limited persists in the ways of modernization and internationalization of the healthcare industry. i need an essay now my writing paper It carries out strict quality control by adopting quality management systems and persists in sales and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

With the enormous demand for excellent pharmaceutical supply chain services, Rubus Pharma Limited intends to delve into large-scale evidence-based research for the company. It will establish a history landmark for clinical research of conventional medicine.


RubusPharma Limited is focused on increasing the momentum in the pharmaceutical and healthcare distribution business in key markets through organic and inorganic routes. It continues to evaluate business and even acquisition opportunities in Kenya, emerging and developed markets to strengthen its business and competitiveness.

The Company’s growth intends to be well spread across geographies with near equal focus on developed, developing and emerging markets.


To be the most trusted, world recognised pharmaceutical company that consistently provides quality services and products


To work with vigour and compassion to improve healthcare by providing innovative pharmaceutical products and services that are client focused,efficient, effective, affordable and accessible